Join the community – chat with other players, connect with them, join groups or create new ones.

If you fancy to join the community, just create a free account. By doing so you can contact other players more easily and keep in touch with them. You may create groups or join existing ones, even have your own group board.

If an interesting discussion happens to develop in the course of answering a particular question in the comments, it should be continued and deepened somewhere else, e.g. as a new topic in one of the boards.


Why join the community?


Why join the community?


User Board


User Board

Within you user account you can browse members, groups and boards. You can see who’s currently online or was online recently and what are the hottest topics at the moment.


In short:

  • create your own profile
  • connect easier with other players
  • join existing groups or create new ones
  • use discussion boards
  • have extensive conversation about game aspects

  • user board

You would like to help?

As soon as we could use some help we will let you know. So far we are happy with you spreading the word about this website.

community rules
Please: –
1. Communicate with other users in a polite and respectful manner. Joking and humorous comments are alright, but always consider you might hurt somebody’s feelings.

2. Do not use all capital letters. In the internet, this is considered shouting at your opposite.

3. Keep personal information personal and respect other users’ privacy.

4. Be patient with users who are new at Jaq.

5. If you quote or copy, please give credit to the origin of what you borrowed. Make also sure, you don’t infringe any copyrights.

6. In the online world, you are being judged by what you write and post. So make sure your spelling is as correct and your contributions are as well-considered as possible.

7. Avoid passionate or aggressive responses. Here on Jaq, we want to learn from and laugh and debate with each other, not fight.

8. Place criticism in a private message to the respective user rather than embarrass him publicly.

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